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 Mommy & Me Family Chiropractic uses a variety of techniques to meet the needs of all patients. Dr. Carly believes that any form of health care needs to be individualized and tailored so that the patient is getting the best care possible.

There are many techniques learned and used in the chiropractic profession and you may have received completely different chiropractic experiences with regards to specific techniques from one chiropractor to another. The technique of the adjustment can vary but they all have the same goal in mind, to correct for spinal subluxations (misalignments).


Diversified Technique


Diversified is a “hands-on” form of adjusting using a high-velocity (quick), low-amplitude (moderately light) thrust from the doctor. The doctor applies a specific contact with their hand to the area of the patient being adjusted and administers a thrust.


Thompson Technique


Thompson is a form of diversified adjusting that utilizes a table consisting of cushions that drop ½” inch when a thrust is administered. With the drops, the patient body is unable to react fast enough to resist the adjustive thrust. Since there is no muscular resistance, the doctor has to use very little force in the thrust, making the adjustment more effective.


Instrument Assisted


There are a few different instruments chiropractors can use to get the same results when it comes to correcting your spine. The instruments are a hand-held tool used to deliver a gentle, fast-thrust, low-force chiropractic adjustment.


 *If you have any questions or concerns regarding specific techniques, please let us know, we would love to find the chiropractic approach that not only gets you better but makes you feel confident and comfortable each and every time you're with us.

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