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Breech Baby

Chiropractic Care for Breech Presentation


It’s approaching 40 weeks into your pregnancy, your baby is in the ideal position for birth and your preparing to meet for the very first time….This isn’t always the case and the position of your baby may have you a little worried.


Up until around the 36-37th week of pregnancy you may be noticing that your baby is moving around a lot and constantly changing positions. It’s during the 37th week and onward that we like to see baby holding a head down position to prepare for their journey through the birth canal and into your arms. Babies instinctively know they need to be head down for birth and when the presentation is any other way, there’s usually a reason for it.


One of the many reasons your baby may be having trouble getting into it’s ideal position for preg ligmentsbirth is due to intrauterine constraint.


What are intrauterine constraints?


Intrauterine constraints are external forces that prevent your baby from moving normally and can prevent your baby from getting into the proper position for a healthy and safe vaginal delivery. Any imbalances in the expectant mom’s pelvis and sacrum leads to abnormal tension to both the muscle and ligament that support the uterus, all of which can lead to intrauterine constraint.


How can chiropractic help?


Chiropractic looks to identify and correct for imbalances within a women’s pelvis. When a pelvis has proper pelvic alignment, the ligaments and muscles that attach to pelvis have a chance to relax, therefore decreasing torsion to the uterus. If an imbalanced pelvis is the reason your baby is in a breech presentation then chiropractic care may be the right choice for you!


Don’t wait for your baby to be in a breech presentation before you have your pelvis checked for imbalances. Chiropractic care is important throughout the course of pregnancy.


“Our goal is to give every infant the chance to have a natural vaginal delivery and decrease the need for any possible interventions to minimize the risk of injuries associated to birth.”


– Dr. Carly


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* Chiropractic does not turn breech babies, it simply corrects for imbalances within a women’s pelvis and in turn it may help with your baby getting into an ideal position for birth.*


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