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Chiropractic Care for Infants


Congratulations, being a parent is the greatest gift. Having your precious bundle of joy at home is the greatest feeling anyone could ever have. Although this time is wonderful and everything you thought it would be; it can also come with feelings of apprehension and uncertainty by the possibility that you may not know all the answers when it comes to being a parent, You’re not alone!


Mommy and Me Family Chiropractic focuses on caring for your new baby and ensuring that they start this wonderful journey through life with a healthy spine and nervous system. Dr. Carly Czezowski has special training in evaluating and correcting spinal and pelvic misalignment’s (subluxations) in both infants and children. The techniques are designed to be very gentle and comfortable for your baby; while making you, the parent(s)/guardian(s), feel at ease with the gentle approach. Each adjustment is designed specifically for each individual patient and is based on age, size, and spinal condition.


Common Questions


Why do infants need to be evaluated by a chiropractor?


Being born is tough work for both mom and baby!


There are many ways the spine and nervous system can be damaged or injured but the primary mode of injury we see in our office is what we would term traumatic birth injury. For many of these children their nervous systems have been damaged right from the beginning due to birth injury, or even prior; due to intrauterine constraint.


The most common area in the spine to be injured during the birth process is the upper neck and skull. The risk of injury to this area go up exponentially as interventions go up. C-sections, forceps, vacuum extraction, and prolonged pushing can all lead to a greater risk of traumatic birth injury to the  infants neck and skull.


In a normal vaginal delivery there is on average 60-90 lbs of pressure being exerted onto your infant’s head and neck. A current study demonstrated that 90% of newborns suffered birth trauma and associated strain through the neck and cranial areas following birth. These two situations can be the earliest injuries placed on your baby’s spine and nervous system.


**An infant spine increases 50% of it’s original length within the first year of life; at no other time does this rapid growth occur. Mommy & Me Family Chiropractic recommends that all infants be evaluated following birth and during the crucial developmental milestones your baby reaches within the first year of life, as these times can add extra stress to both the spine and nervous system. This will help promote proper alignment of the spine as well as allow the nervous system to function optimally right from the get-go.

These are six important times you should have your baby’s spine checked within the first year of life!


1. Immediately after Birth


2. Upon holding up his or her head


3.  When able to sit alone


4. When starting to crawl


5. When standing alone


6. On taking his or her first steps


**These are all important milestones that affect the growth and alignment of your baby’s spine and nervous system within the first year of life. It is never too late to have your infant evaluated by a trained chiropractor, call today to schedule your appointment @ 204-396-5263.


Is chiropractic safe for my baby?


This is a very common question and a valid one at the very least. A simple answer to this question is absolutely!


Rest assured that chiropractic adjustments to your newborn uses no more pressure than you’d use to test the ripeness of a tomato.


Chiropractic care for infants has been shown to be very safe, gentle, comfortable and beneficial for the health of your infants growing spine and nervous system. The chiropractic adjustment is tailored to each individual patient and is based on the age, size and spinal condition.


When should I bring my baby to the chiropractor?


Like almost everything else; the sooner the better when it comes to your baby’s spinal health. There are many developmental milestones within the first year of life and they can all contribute to adding extra stress placed on your infants spine and nervous system. The length of your babies spine increases 50% within the first year of life; at no other time does this rapid growth occur. Proper spinal alignment during these developmental milestones help promote proper functioning of the nervous system as well as facilitate proper muscular balance throughout the body.


What if my baby cries?


In an infant crying is a normal reaction to unknown situations and people, so don’t be alarmed if your baby cries. It is also important to schedule your appointments around times when your baby is fed and well rested; as these moments can also cause your baby to be upset and irritated. In our professional experience, most babies find it really relaxing and enjoy getting examined and adjusted in our office.


What are the common reasons parent(s) bring their baby to see a chiropractor?


Some of the very common reasons parents bring their baby to see a chiropractor include; nursing difficulties, colic, favouring their head to one side, difficulty with bowel movements, arching their back repetitively, when yawning jaw deviates to one side, not liking to lay on their tummy or back, ear infections and many more. All these signs are a good indicator to bring your baby to a chiropractor. The sooner we can address spinal misalignment’s, the easier it may be to correct.


*Chiropractic does not treat symptoms or disease; it simply removes interference to the nervous system by addressing misalignments in the spine and in turn all these amazing things have the potential to correct and heal itself.


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